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You can paint anything right?!

I put these photos on my Facebook page the other day and my lovely followers had some amazing feedback so I wanted to give a full

description of what we did in case we have inspired anyone else to tackle their own similar projects.

The other day I answered a Facebook marketplace ad by someone who was selling 26 of these babies...

Turned out he had a unit in the same area as me, I couldn’t pass it by at only £15 each...BUT as

a) I have simply run out of room in the unit to fit anymore furniture in

b) I have also currently got enough unpainted items/future projects to keep me busy until February

c) I wasn’t sure about reselling the chairs as there are very complicated rules regarding the fire retardant-ness (is that actually a word?!) on upholstered items and these didn’t have the tags still attached,

I only bought one -I know how restrained of me?! (plus my husband would kill me!! Lol)

My teenage daughter needed a new chair for her bedroom dressing table so I thought with a bit of paint this would be perfect. I forgot to tell her about the paint idea so when I showed her the before picture she was secretly horrified. The colour would simply not go with her bedrolm 😂 so I let her choose her own colours and she chose wharf from the Dixie Belle Silk paint range for the seat which is a lovely mid grey and white for the legs, for which we used Salt Water also from the silk range.

After a good clean with sugar soap we let it dry and then used a primer from the Dixie Belle range, ‘Slick Stick‘ which creates a really good painting surface on surfaces which are originally shiny. Slick stick means the paint will stay in place! You need to leave Slick Stick to dry at least overnight which is what we did. We’re fitting this project in between other projects while various coats are drying.

I’ve then given the chair and legs a good couple of coats of the Wharf and Salt Water allowing plenty of drying time in between. It looks so much better already and isn’t even finished yet. Its best to do a few thinner coats making sure you’ve got into all the cracks and creases making sure that the cushions don’t dry stuck together!

Isn’t the colour gorgeous?

I plan to give the seat part a quick once over with extra fine steel wool to get rid of the very few brush marks that are on the paint finish, using the silk paint it is self levelling so the finish is already fab, but just to make sure you could use steel wool or very fine sandpaper. Once the final coat is applied I plan to use the Easy Peasy Spray Wax from Dixie Belle, it will be the first time I’ve used it so I’m super excited about that. I’ll obviously let you see the final finished item before it starts its new life as an extension of my 14 year old’s floordrobe! Not sure why I painted it as it’ll probably always be covered in clothes 🤦🏻‍♀️ The joy of teenagers I suppose 😂.

If we’ve inspired you and you’d like to paint your own leather-ish furniture you can buy all the paint and primer you need from my shop.

Thank you for reading


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